J.J. Abrams dropping clue for a giant viral marketing scheme? I know, I know, you've never heard something so crazy. But yes, the famous lover of games and hints has dropped a big one in the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, and something only the most eagle-eyed fans going through the movie frame by frame could notice. Take a look at the screenshot below, from about the 1:05 minute mark in the trailer, to see what we mean (click on it to see it larger).

The obsessives over at Trek Movie spotted it, and of course, the next step is to visit Are You The 1701, which so far just asks you to sign up with your e-mail address and birthdate, and promises to "tell you when the search begins." What will the search be? What have I just signed up for? I have no idea, and I guess that's part of the viral fun.

Star Trek Into Darkness was being kept under wraps for so long-- no doubt part of Abrams's love of secrecy-- that I was starting to get worried they'd never be able to get us excited for it. But the last few days of sneak peeks, plus Eric's detailed report form Bad Robot,, have definitely done the trick. Check out the trailer below in case you missed it earlier today, and see Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters May 17.

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