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When J.J. Abrams tells you that his goal for Star Trek Into Darkness is to “up the ante” from his original Trek reboot, you don’t have to be a fan of sci-fi or the series to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You simply have to be a fan of cinema. Abrams’ turn in the Trek universe was such a winning popcorn blockbuster that virtually everyone’s anxious to see what he’ll deliver in the pending sequel. This featurette, posted to YouTube, gives us some insights into the direction of his story:

Again, it gives me chills to hear Abrams say that the scope of this film and the action is “light years” ahead of where they were in the first film … which set new boundaries or Star Trek storytelling. There is a lot of footage in this clip, though barely anything is spoiled, and it’s fun to hear franchise stars Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine weighing in on what Abrams and his crew were able to accomplish this time out.

In addition to the new featurette, Paramount shared a motion poster for Into Darkness with Empire Online. It’s essentially the original one-sheet, only with the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch’s chilling monologue from the early trailers. And do you know what? The two combined make for a pretty memorable movie poster.

Star Trek Into Darkness is shaping up to be the movie event of the summer. The sequel reaches theaters on May 17 (or earlier if you lucked into passes using the Star Trek app).

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