Star Trek's Redesigned Enterprise Revealed!

We’ve seen the crew and now Paramount is showing off the ship. EW has your first ever look at the brand new, redesigned starship Enterprise, NCC-1701, as she’ll appear in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming reboot.

The changes are more drastic than I expected. That said, it’s still instantly recognizable as the Enterprise. They’ve kept everything that has made Star Trek’s flagship the coolest thing floating around in the stars, while at the same time giving her an updated look, one which incorporates some pieces of design features seen in other Trek ships. As many expected she would, this version of the Enterprise actually bears more of a resemblance to the refitted version which appeared in the first three Star Trek movies, than it does in the pre-refit version which appeared in the television show. What matters here though is that it’s still here. It’s the Enterprise. They haven’t painted her pink and given her rollerskates. She’s still the most beautiful thing in space.

Compare the new design to the other two previous variations of the NCC-1701 (no bloody A, B, C, or D) Enterprise below:

Enterprise In The 2009 Movie

Enterprise As Seen In The Original TV Series

Enterprise As Seen In Star Trek I, II, and III

Josh Tyler