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Star Trek Sequel Talk Has Started

Star Trek sequel talk has started and even though the movie hasn’t opened yet, for once it’s warranted. This is a film that absolutely demands more. Coming Soon caught up with Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, as well as producer Damon Lindelof and put them to the sequel question. They confirmed that of course, they’re already thinking about it.

In fact they’re more than thinking about it. Lindelof says, “We've started preliminary talks with J.J.” This seems like something all three are passionate to work on again. Of course it all depends on how the movie does but seriously, does anyone think Star Trek is going to be anything other than huge?

As for what the sequel may be about, there’s talk of examining classic Trek episodes to put a new spin on them. I hope that’s not the direction they go. This is supposed to be a fresh start, no point in rehashing old material, it sort of defeats the purpose of the reboot, doesn’t it? “City on the Edge of Forever” has already been done, and done right. Come up with something new guys, come up with your own ideas, not re-spins on someone elses. You have it in you. We do not need to see Javier Bardem as Khan. Leave him alone.