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While Star Wars: The Force Awakens is getting so close we can almost taste it there’s still a great deal about it that we don’t know. The Disney and Lucasfilm teams have done a better than expected job at keeping leaks to a minimum and preventing spoilers, or at the very least keeping us guessing as to which spoilers may be true. However, we just gained some insight into the things that we won’t know even by the end of Episode VII because even the actors don’t know the answers yet.

If you’re expecting a lot of discussion about where Finn came from and how he came to be in the place where we find him in The Force Awakens you can stop expecting that. Many fans have their own theories about who all these new characters are and how the fit into the lore. It turns out John Boyega has some theories of his own, because he doesn’t even know.
I just remember during my time screen-testing, I was like, to Daisy [Ridley], ‘there’s no way that our stories are so simple,’ and we still don’t know! So I’ve still got some conspiracy theories as a fan as to where Finn comes from and I’m still trying to figure that out, but I like that it’s a mystery.

One of the major things missing from our primary lead characters of Finn and Rey have been their last names. This has lead many to wonder if they are the children of any of the characters from the original trilogy. While it’s still possible that this is true, it now doesn’t appear that we’ll have the answer by the end of this movie. As Variety points out, the original trilogy made us wait for the sequels to discover all of the relationships of the Skywalker family, and made us wait almost 20 years to get all of Darth Vader’s backstory, so it’s fitting if the new trilogy is planning the same thing. Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy specifically said that Boyega (along with Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie) would begin filming Episode VIII next month so hopefully we’ll be learning more about Finn’s Stormtrooper life then.

What’s slightly more concerning is that Kathleen Kennedy says that not all the details of the entire trilogy have been mapped out yet. This could lead to some precarious situations if they end up having a character do something that doesn’t make sense based on information the character should have, even if the audience doesn’t. There may be some information that is a mystery to Finn himself, but hopefully Boyega at least knows everything that Finn knows, even if the rest of us will have to wait to hear it.

Some information may be withheld from the actors just to make sure that there are no accidental leaks. Is keeping the actors in the dark the best move or do you think it would help them create better characters?