Steve Carell Tries To Understand The Swiss In First Dinner For Schmucks Clip

From the first two trailers alone, we've gotten the sense that Steve Carell's character in the upcoming Dinner For Schmucks is not a bright guy. We know that he isn't smart and that he's a "tornado of destruction," but it's hard to perfectly gauge the depths of his shallow mind from what we've seen. The first clip from the film might not get us all the way there, but damn... he fucking stupid.

Paramount has sent us a 42 second scene of incredible idiocy, where Carell's character Barry tries to relate to a Swiss couple he is having dinner with. It's plainly obvious that not even Barry knows just how feebleminded he is. The clip itself would be laugh-out-loud funny, but it's hard to laugh when your mouth is gaped in awe. By the time he starts to imitate the Swedish chef, thinking he's speaking their language, you can't help but shake your head in amazement.

Check out the clip below.

Eric Eisenberg
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