Stiller Teases Zoolander 2

Those Zoolander sequel rumors just won’t go away. This time, it’s Ben Stiller spreading them. While out promoting Night at the Museum he told USA Today that once he finishes filming the new Farrelly brothers movie The Heatbreak Kid, he plans to explore the possibility of a second Zoolander movie.

Over the years both of the movie’s stars, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have talked on and off about making a follow up to their modeling industry parody, but they’ve just never gotten around to it. Maybe what’s holding them back is simply scheduling. Stiller says, “"It's almost more difficult to work together as everybody has gotten successful. Everybody is doing their own thing, and it's sometimes hard to get together.” The first movie starred Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Ben’s wife Christine Taylor, Ben’s dad Jerry Stiller, Will Ferrell, and Milla Jovovich. It’s easy to see why it might be tough to get all of those people back in the same film at the same time.

Ben and Owen however are back together for Night at the Museum, and maybe time spent on the same movie had something to do with getting the idea of a sequel cooking in Stiller’s head again. Theatrically the movie was only a moderate success. It cost $28 million to make and grossed $45 million domestically. Since then though, it’s become an bigger hit on DVD.

Josh Tyler