The world lost an icon over the Christmas holiday when singer-songwriter George Michael died peacefully in his bed from what is being reported as heart failure. At 53 years of age, Michael left an imprint on the music industry, but also on the film industry, as his No. 1 hit songs -- all 10 of them -- have lent memorable music to unforgettable film scenes over the years. The thing about George Michael's music is that it's so catchy and recognizable, it never could be a subtle background track. It had to become PART of the movie, in question.

Let's run through a few of our favorite movie moments set to the soundtrack of George Michael's musical career, starting with one of the most recent from our beloved, fourth-wall-breaking, foul-mouthed anti-hero.


At the end of Tim Miller's Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds actually sings along with George Michael's 1984 hit Careless Whisper, making Michael part of the final scene as they pull back, show off all the carnage from the final battle, and then leave Wade and Vanessa to... ahem, rekindle their relationship. Perhaps I Want Your Sex will be held for Deadpool 2.

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