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When you have two actors the caliber of Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro in your film, you can't be blamed for wanting to put them at the top of your marketing. They are two incredibly talented individuals who have spent years making their mark in the movie world. At the same time, however, you don't want to do it in a way that will shame their co-stars. The first poster for Stone fails miserably in that aspect.

JoBlo has posted the first one-sheet for the film, and it's a nice big slap in the face to Milla Jovovich. Sure, her face is placed in between those of DeNiro and Norton, but what's the deal with pushing her name all the way down to the bottom? Were they concerned that people would think the name of the movie is Stone Milla Jovovich? Even the actresses face is pushed further into the background than the male stars. It's all pretty insulting.

Check out the poster below or in full-resolution over at JoBlo.

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