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J.J. Abrams' Super 8, which really ought to be your most anticipated blockbuster of the summer, comes out in less than a month on June 10, and yet we still know relatively little about it. Despite presentations to journalists and industry people and a handful of trailers, including a big Super Bowl promotion, Abrams and his secrecy-loving ways have told us it's a movie set in small-town Ohio in the late 70s, it involves the arrival of something strange from Area 51, and there's an awesome train crash at the beginning. Especially considering that Super 8's studio Paramount had shown us what felt like half of Thor by the time that movie came out, it's hugely refreshing.

So don't be too disappointed by the lack of all that much new footage in the new Super 8 TV spot that debuted today at Yahoo!. The new bit of dialogue in the beginning about the car is new, as are a handful of shots of the destruction that presumably comes up in the third act, but for the most part everything here-- including the brief single-frame flashes seen twice-- are footage that's already out there. Abrams and the studio have worked so hard to keep us in the dark for this long, we may as well just be patient a few more weeks. Check out the new spot embedded below, and if you want to get a really good look for yourself-- and why wouldn't you?-- head over to Yahoo! to watch it in HD.

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