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Surrogates Borrows Sarah Connor Poster Poses

I have this theory that Surrogates is actually one big excuse for Bruce Willis to get back his hair. I’m probably wrong. The movie does however, have Willis playing a younger robot version of himself while the current version stays home strapped into a futuristic beanbag chair. Or maybe it’s actually another sequel to Terminator?

IGN has a series of new Surrogates character posters which bear an uncanny resemblance to a teaser poster used to promote the now defunct Fox television show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It’s not just the idea of showing us the metal beneath a robot character’s skin that’s similar, even the colors and fonts are pretty much the same thing. Apparently someone in Disney’s art department was a big Sarah Connor fan. Check out the comparison:

Here's a few more similarly themed banners. Click over to IGN to see more.