A-Team Movie Script Reviewed Online

I’m still having trouble adjusting to the very idea of an A-Team movie, but yes it’s real, and it even has a script that some sharp eyes over at Moviehole have already taken a look at. The verdict? Those of you hoping that Mr. T’s seminal masterwork would finally get the high-class attention it deserved are probably going to be disappointed. Then again, what are you doing hoping for that to begin with?

”I'll be honest - it's not that tantalizing,” writes Moviehole’s Adam Frazier. ”The whole action of the movie revolves around some vases and stolen art. At one point there's a scene that takes place on a yacht - and it's an art auction. It's just not that interesting.”

Ouch. Apparently the plot concerns the A-Team’s mission to recover some artifacts from an Iraqi museum at the beginning of the Iraq War, and their imprisonment afterward when the military pretends they never sent them on the mission to begin with. Mr. T’s character Baracas has been re-imagined as a buff young man, and a 23-year-old Latina army lieutenant has been added to the mix, because who wants to watch a movie with just a bunch of dudes? Moviehole has a much more detailed description of the story, but I pretty much agree that this will probably look at a lot more like 2 Fast 2 Furious than Three Kings. As we’ve seen this fall, nobody really wants to watch serious movies about Iraq anyway, so if you’re going to head to the Middle East, you’d better bring the babes and the explosions. I’m betting The A-Team will have both of those in spades.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend