For a while I've been cautiously optimistic about Julie & Julia, the movie based on a book I hated that nonetheless features Amy Adams being cute and Meryl Streep acting like Julia Child. When I saw some advance footage at ShoWest, I was intrigued, and now the new teaser poster has added even more gloss to what's looking like a really appealing movie.

The poster is great in its simplicity, maybe an aesthetic Julia Child herself would appreciate. They know all they need to sell the movie is Meryl Streep and Amy Adams' names, with Nora Ephron's thrown in for good measure, so the clean black design with the two eggs is nice and understated. It's a great change of pace from the typical over-Photoshopped chick flick design, which is along the lines of this or this or this or countless other examples.

Basically, the poster is more evidence that Julie & Julia might be something special. Check it out below.

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