Theater Employee Spoils Prometheus For Political Reasons

There's been a lot of talk on the web about Ridley Scott's return to the world of Alien with Prometheus, but in discussing this highly guarded sci-fi thriller most of us have been careful to warn if spoilers were to be discussed in our coverage, hoping not to ruin the shock and surprise built into the feature (To that end—yes, there are spoilers for Prometheus ahead). But even if you carefully vet your internet reading, veering away when encountering spoiler alerts, dodging Twitter after press screenings, or avoiding Facebook full stop, that's no assurance someone in your life won't spoil a movie either ignorantly or maliciously.

For a moviegoer in Seattle, his exposure to a Prometheus spoiler was perhaps the most egregious because it came from a movie theater employee. The Stranger reports that on June 18th a man named Jorge went to see Prometheus at the Regal Cinemas Thornton Place Stadium 14, when the theater employee who tore his ticket offered, "I have to warn you: halfway through the movie, the main female character will perform a self-induced abortion."

Jorge asked around, and found that the ever-so-helpful ticket taker had apparently been offering this unsolicited warning to other Prometheus seers as well. Rightly frustrated, Jorge complained to the theater manager, and said he was offended by not only the spoiler, but also the political agenda he felt it reflected. He eventually took his complaint to Regal Entertainment Group, and in response received two free tickets, but "no explanation was given as to why this had happened." Jorge added. "I sent back their tickets."

The Stranger followed up with the theater, but management insisted they could say nothing about the incident and insisted the corporate offices would be no help as they have no knowledge of the event.

Obviously movie theater employees should in no way spoil the movies their audiences are paying to see—especially after their customer has already purchased a ticket. But beyond this the ticket takers characterization of the cringe-inducing surgery scene as an "abortion" scene makes it pretty clear his motivations for spoiling were political. I mean, if his warning was about the surgery scene's grisly nature, he could have said so without A) spoiling the plot point, and B) projecting his personal beliefs upon another's movie-going experience. Whatever this Regal's employee's thoughts on Prometheus, the ticket taking podium at a theater is not the place to express them.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.