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The recent trend in Hollywood has been to take over-50 stars, slap them in the lead role of an action film, and see how it goes. That’s worked out pretty well for everyone involved so far. A year ago, Liam Neeson beat an ungodly amount of ass in Taken. Last week Edge of Darkness put a Boston accent and a bad attitude into Mel Gibson, bringing out the badass for the first time since We Were Soldiers. And now, John Travolta, sporting his standard “bad muthafucka” look, leads the way in Pierre Morel’s From Paris With Love.

We here at Cinema Blend got our hands on a few clips from Travolta’s latest, and mostly they're not so bad. What is most striking about these clips isn’t the action--in fact you barely see any at all. The real reason to check these out is just to see how much fun John Travolta is having. Sure he may seem a little over the top, and it is John Travolta so it’s maybe a little weird, but no one can deny that he’s having a good time and it really brings a cool edge to his character, Charlie Wax.

From Paris With Love comes out next Friday, Feb 5, 2010.

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