Three New Images From The Cabin In The Woods Arrive Online

If you go to the IMDb page forThe Cabin in the Woods and scroll down past the first five names in the cast you'll notice two names that you should most definitely recognize: Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins. The two actors have spent decades creating reputations as terrific character actors with great range and talent, but you may have noticed that with the exception of a few shots of the back of their heads they are completely absent from the film's trailers. But why? The truth is that while they do play an important role in the movie, they also represent the aspect of the project that makes it standout as a unique, creative and brilliant piece of cinema. While I refuse to spoil exactly what role they play in the film, you can now get your first real glimpse of them in character.

Lionsgate has released three brand new images from the Drew Goodard/Joss Whedon-written movie and in addition to spotting both Jenkins and Whitford we also get two new looks at Kristen Connolly, who is having one hell of a bad day. Scope out the stills below and click on each one to see it full size.

Directed by Drew Goddard, The Cabin in the Woods sees a group of five friends (Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Anna Hutchinson) who decide to take a little weekend trip to the titular location. But while things start off peculiarly, the real truth behind the cabin is far more horrifying than they could possibly imagine. The movie arrives in theaters on April 13th and the second it hits theaters you should do everything in your power to see it.

Eric Eisenberg
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