It’s been fourteen years since Titanic premiered in theaters and next April when the film makes its way back into theaters for its 3D release, it will be 100 years from the day the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. The video we have to show you features director James Cameron as he talks about bringing the movie back to theaters and what's been done to enhance the picture.

It’s often a surprise when you reread a book, re-watch a movie, or hear an old song for the first time in a long time and it’s not the way you remember it. The thing you’re revisiting is the same as it was, but how your mind connects with might change, for better or worse, or just for different. James Cameron talks a little bit about that in the video below as he discusses Titanic’s return to the big screen next year. He also has some interesting things to say about converting the film to 3D.

I was still a teenager when Titanic first hit theaters and like many others, I was swept away by the romance as much as I was impressed by the visually stunning look at the story of an ill-fated ship. I’m not entirely sure that my perception of Titanic will have any drastic shift when I see the movie when it re-releases next year. It’s not as though I haven’t watched it numerous times over the course of the last decade or so. With that said, just the thought of seeing this movie on the big screen again has me feeling nostalgic. I have a very distinct memory of going into the ladies room at the theater, after the movie let out, to find a large cluster of girls lined up by the sinks, all sniffling and wiping their eyes. It made me feel a little less awkward for leaving the theater without having managed to get my own tears under control. Never before, nor since, have I ever experienced anything like that at the movies.

Beyond the nostalgia, it’s exciting to hear Cameron talk about the improvements made to the picture and reassuring to hear him talking about the movie as “his baby.” From what he says, it sounds like fans of the film have a lot to look forward to and good reason to head back to the theater next April (4/6/2012).
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