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It's been a weird ride for Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion. First picked up last summer by Disney, the project lost its home when it was viewed as not being in line with the studio's image and was sent into the open market. Last we heard about the film, which was a little over a month ago, Universal was showing an interest in the project, as was Tom Cruise, but there was nothing official about either one's involvement. That is no longer true.

Deadline reports that Tom Cruise is now officially locked in to star in the Kosinski-directed project. Set up at Universal, the sci-fi story will have a $100 million budget to work with and is scheduled to begin production this October. The story is set in a distant future where the Earth has become inhabitable and humans have moved up into the atmosphere. Patrolling the earth's surface and repairing patrol drones that kill "a savage alien life form" is Cruise who one day meets a woman who "forces him to question his world view."

Another interesting item mentioned in the report is that Cruise has been involved in talks relating to Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. A few months back the actor was attached to the director's adaptation of At The Mountains of Madness, but Universal pulled the plug when Del Toro refused to make the film PG-13. Already set to star Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam, it's unknown what role Cruise would play in the project.

You really have to admire Tom Cruise. Sure, he may be a bit loopy at times, but the guy is a consummate movie star who, while pushing 50 years old, is still taking on projects that will provide a challenge. If that's not worthy of respect, I don't know what is.