It's only fitting that we would get the latest trailer for director Paul Greengrass' next film on the same week that a brand new Matt Damon movie is in theaters. Sadly the filmmaker and the Bourne star don't reunite in Captain Phillips, as it's Tom Hanks taking on the titular role, but judging from the new preview for the film - released over on Yahoo! - Greengrass is doing just fine with a new leading man.

This new trailer doesn't exactly do a good job of masking what happens in the film - it actually seems to pretty much show the whole thing - but, honestly, who doesn't already know the details and conclusions of this story? When the real Captain Richard Phillips was kidnapped in 2009 the news was absolutely everywhere, and the end of the story was what kept people buzzing about it. Hell, the whole thing even inspired an episode of South Park. Seeing how this story plays out on the big screen is what's going to draw audiences in, so the trailer has a bit more leeway in terms of spoiler territory.

This has been a pretty damn good day for movie previews, and this one is really just the cherry on top. Early this morning Chris Hemsworth was back swinging his hammer in the trailer Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World; then Spike Jonze had Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with a computer in the debut Her preview; then Ridley Scott put Michael Fassbender in hot water in the latest spot for The Counselor; and most recently Alan Rickman reenacted some rock 'n roll history in our first look at CBGB.

This fall is shaping up to be a great season for movies and Hanks seemingly has has two big titles taking part in the Oscar race. Not only does he have Captain Phillips, in a few months we will also watch him become Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, a biopic about how Disney convinced author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) to let him turn Mary Poppins into a feature film. The first trailer for that movie, which will be in theaters this December, arrived last month and you can watch it below.

Hanks is definitely going to be showing off his awesome range in 2013. This could be the year that he's receives his first Oscar nomination since 2001's Castaway and his first win since 1994's Forrest Gump. We can't wait to see how both films turn out.

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