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To go with the Toy Story 3 trailer (which was technically released Friday but then erased from the internet until it’s official debut on Monday, watch this space), Disney has started doling out brilliantly fun character posters for their upcoming animated sequel. I love everything about them except, probably because I’m a crank, I have this one complaint.

What’s with all the black backgrounds? When I think Pixar I think Apple and when I think Apple I think bright colors and white backgrounds. Black backgrounds and Toy Story characters just feel, for whatever reason, utterly wrong. Love the characters, in particular I think the Slinky Dog character poster is pretty great, but really would like to see them in something besides black. It feels like Toy Story is falling into some sort of endless, empty void and I’m pretty sure that’s not the vibe they want.

Alright I’ll stop complaining. Check out the mostly awesome six new character posters below. Click on each poster to see it bigger on some other website which Disney likes better than this one.