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Toy Story Recalled

Negotiations may be underway to resolve the bitter differences between Disney and Pixar and restore their once incredibly successful collaboration (the results of which included the Toy Story franchise and the uber-successful Incredibles), but Disney is turning up the heat at this year's SIGGRAPH conference and they seem to be rubbing a little salt in the Pixar wound.

According to Jim Hill of, Disney is touting Toy Story 3 with a vengeance. "Particularly when you take into consideration that Pixar's own SIGGRAPH booth is located just an aisle or so away." says Jim. "More to the point, as one walks down the aisle heading from Pixar Animation Studios to Walt Disney Feature Animation, the very first display you see at the WDFA's booth is for "Toy Story III." Co-incidence? I don't think so."

To further agitate matters, Disney has focused its efforst at SIGGRAPH to recruit new animators, suggesting they're the better place to work, not Pixar. Huh? Disney is pitching its "The Legacy of Disney Animation" presentation to attract new, hopefully talented blood to its program. Part of me hope it works. Disney needs the boost. Too bad they seem to be doing it with an "in your face" attitude toward's Pixar.

So, what exactly is the plot of the upcoming Toy Story flick? According to Disney's booth information, the film once again centers around one of its characters needing resucuing from dire straights and this time the gang must wander ever farther from home to make the save. Hill reports the following info from Disney's booth. "After a major malfunction, Buzz Lightyear is recalled to a toy factory in Taiwan. Woody and the gang have to hightail it halfway around the world to save Buzz before he [is] dissembled forever."

Jim Hill reports more information on the other three upcoming Disney animated projects including American Dog, A Day with Wilbur Robinson, and Rapunzel Unbraided. You can read more, including some great shots from Disney's SIGGRAPH display, at Jim Hill Media.