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Katherine Heigl has been typecast as the sort of uptight, awful woman all men hate but women seem to admire. Gerard Butler on the other hand appears to be slowly morphing into Mel Gibson, except not the good Lethal Weapon/Road Warrior Mel Gibson but the seemingly jerky but secretly soft and super-sensitive, What Women Want Mel Gibson. See Heigl and Butler go down in flames together, when he plays a shock jock and she plays bitchy Katherine Heigl in the brand new trailer for The Ugly Truth. With a title like that, I assume they want bad reviews. Well done on the trailer then folks, I’d say you’re on track for a big thumbs down, though I’m sure the movie will be popular with the Patrick Dempsey crowd.

The ugly truth about The Ugly Truth is that there’s no reason anyone would want to see it. Thought I’d get a head start. Here’s the trailer: