In the digital age of Facebook and Twitter, some say we've lost our sense of community. But 29-year-old Joseph Garner wanted to test that. So he set out on a road trip with a laptop and toothbrush, but no money and a cell phone emptied of contacts. How would he eat, find shelter, travel and essentially survive? Why, through the help of Craigslist, the online classified ad site that offers everything from job and apartment listings, to free items, to the totally bizarre. It is here that Garner seeks to discover adventure, and uncover a pocket of American community some feared had been lost.

Comedian Zach Galifianakis served as executive producer on the documentary Craigslist Joe, which follows Garner on the highs and lows of his cross-country adventure. Shot during the uncertain time of our most recent economic recession, a camera crew tracked his trip, which lasted 31 days. What did he encounter looking for community on Craigslist? Get a look with the film's first trailer that is viewable below, or check it out in hi-res over at Apple:

Personally, I find documentaries like this—where a modern man (or woman) breaks out of their comfortable routine to test a new approach to life—to be among the most intriguing. From No Impact Man to The King of Kong and Air Guitar Nation, these films take us into a niche world we're unlikely to visit on our own, and the results are often profound and captivating. While fans of Galifianakis' oafish Hangover performance won't necessarily be drawn to this doc, those who've enjoyed his more cerebral stand-up will likely be lured to this seemingly humorous and humane travelogue.

Craigslist Joe opens in theaters and is available on iTunes August 2nd.

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