Two Serious Men

In a behind-the-scens photo, it looks like the Cohen brothers are hard at work on their next film, which apparently takes place in the sixties. The brothers are shot in what looks like suburban oblivion, in which the theme song from Weeds could easily apply. The film is called A Serious Man, which might just be a play on words, or somewhat sarcastic because the plot is sounding pretty silly. reports that A Serious Man will follow the story of a man named Larry Gopnik (played by Michael Stuhlbarg). Larry is a physics professor in the Midwest in 1967 when his wife leaves him for one of his colleagues. Turns out the rest of Larry’s life is a disaster area as well: his brother is couch surfing at his place, his son is messing up left and right at school and daughter is stealing from him in order to save up for a nose job. While his home life is seemingly falling apart, someone is also trying to destroy his chances of getting tenure at his university by starting a one-man letter writing campaign against him. There is a graduate student attempting to blackmail Larry and a sunbathing neighbor that intrigues him. In order to stay sane, Larry visits three Rabbis for advice. Larry wants to break free from his ridiculousness in order to become… you guessed it… a serious man.

Check out the full behind the scenes photo here.