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UPDATE: Aimee Teegarden Cast In Scream 4

UPDATE: Now things are just getting ridiculous. Zap2It reports that Brittany Robertson, star of the CW show Life Unexpected, has also been added to the cast of the film. Next up: Betty White.

Over the course of the summer, every female actor in Hollywood was added to the cast of Scream 4. While that's a slight exaggeration, the film's cast does include a bevy of actresses including Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Anna Paquin, Emma Roberts, Lucy Hale, Marley Shelton, Alison Brie and Hayden Panettiere. Apparently, however, Craven is not yet satisfied. THR reports that actress Aimee Teegarden has joined the cast of the film, though her character has not been identified. Best known for her role as Julie Taylor on Friday Night Lights, the show recently wrapped production, allowing her to join the cast.

Craven also took to his Flickr account to post two new set photos, which you can see below (go to his here and here to see them full size). At the very least they prove that one person is brutally murdered in the film. Oh happy day.

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