With two weeks left to go until the NFL Draft finds homes for some college football’s most gifted athletes, football fans are getting their ears filled with the minutiae of sports analysts endlessly showcasing their opinions through mock drafts. Here at Cinema Blend, we prefer a different kind of fictional football draft, such as the one central to Ivan Reitman’s upcoming comedy Draft Day, which is firmly back on track after a short stint in turnaround mode.

Given Reitman's recent track record we can't wholeheartedly jump on board this one, nut there’s no denying the film is building a cast that could definitely reassert Reitman as a comedy genius. The latest addition is just what the sports medicine doctor ordered. Deadline reports actor Timothy Simons has been signed to show his comedic chops alongside Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Denis Leary. Simons is best known as the insufferably proud White House rep Jonah Ryan on HBO’s Veep, which returns April 18. Considering he stands out against such comedy vets as Julia Louis Dreyfus, Tony Hale and Matt Walsh, it’s a good sign that he could give Draft Day another layer of laughs, even from what sounds like a fairly limited role.

The story for Draft Day is a 24-hour day in the life of the GM for the fledgling Buffalo Bills as he tries to pull off nabbing the #1 pick, and Simons will be playing Marx, an overbearing Cleveland Brown scout who doesn’t shy away from making his opinions heard in the draft day war room. Just the location of “draft day war room” has such potential for loud, uproarious humor. Can we get Jeff Garlin and Larry David in this thing?

Simons can next be seen in the coming of age drama Blue Potato, directed by Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly, as well as Tom Sierchio’s indie drama The Girl Who Invented Kissing.

And since you readers are the #1 picks of our hearts, what better way to show our appreciation that the following draft day remix video from DJ Steve Porter.

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