Surprise! Not everything about every film you’ve seen is as it was originally intended to be! (That’s rather hard to yell all in one breath, so if you readers could come a little closer... thanks.) So the official Oscars YouTube page - which is a pretty interesting source of killing time while waiting for something – put together the above video featuring a handful of noteworthy changes made to some of Hollywood’s most popular films. As you guys all know, this kind of thing happens all the time, so there really isn't much of a surprise here.

As an informational clip for someone who goes to the theater maybe five times a year and owns less than twenty films, this is probably pretty interesting stuff. E.T. almost ate M&Ms instead of Reese’s Pieces? That sounds outlandish! But again, these are some of the most popular films out there, so these particular facts have been floating around the infosphere for a long time, and DVD features and commentaries share this kind of stuff quite often. Anybody who calls themselves a true Ghostbusters fan will know that a wholly different breed of SNL actors were supposed to have originally filled the roles played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, and completely redefined what it means to be a Ghostbusters fan. Maybe if they made more videos that delved into the changes that more contemporary films have gone through I might not sound as if my head is up cinema’s ass quite as much.

As a video representation of a cinematic infographic, however, it’s pretty successful, as it lays all of its movie facts out in sleek, fun and non-copyright infringing ways. I bet they could do an entire video just based on Jane Got a Gun alone.

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