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Last month I wrote an article commenting that Vince Vaughn's career has sunk fairly low after making movies like Fred Claus, Four Christmases, and Couples Retreat, despite what looked like his best effort. The upside was that he had signed on to make a movie with Oscar winner Ron Howard for a dark comedy about a man who finds out that his best friend's wife is cheating on him. It sounded like an interesting premise and a solid way to get his career back to Old School and Wedding Crashers-level success. Too bad Paul Blart had to ruin it.

Deadine Hollywood is reporting that Kevin James has joined the untitled Vaughn-Howard team up, based on a script by Allan Loeb. James will play Vaughn's friend with the unchaste paramour. Visions of psychological torture and contemplation have officially been replaced with fat jokes. Fantastic.

When the first story came out, it was sold as walking "a fine line of being comedy and drama" and that it would engage "the dark areas of relationships," but can you really see James playing a role in that type of movie? To be clearer, the man has a movie coming out this fall in which he plays an overweight zookeeper who talks to animals so that he can learn how to pick up girls. Vince Vaughn, I am sorry. Better luck next time.

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