Vince Vaughn To Star In The Rockford Files Movie In Development From Universal

We’ve seen how the ’70’s looks on Vince Vaughn before. Not only did the actor sport a pretty severe mustache in the 2004 feature adaptation of the classic TV series Starsky & Hutch, but he returned to the decade later that year for his role as Wes Mantooth in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. He may be returning to the decade yet again, assuming Universal’s adaptation of The Rockford Files aims for a recreation of the original era, as opposed to a modern-day take on Jim Rockford.

Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is set to develop a feature adaptation of The Rockford Files. The series, which aired in the late 70’s, starred James Garner as a private investigator in Los Angeles who, after being released from prison following a wrongful conviction, lived in a mobile home on a beach and took private eye jobs. Per Deadline, Vince Vaughn is set to play the role of Rockford, and will also produce.

Not only will it be interesting to learn whether the film will be set in the ’70’s or something more current, but the tone of the adaptation is also unknown (or unmentioned at present). The Rockford Files was a drama series, but it’s possible the adaptation will aim more for comedy, similar to the tone of the Starsky & Hutch adaptation. With Vaughn’s comedy background, it’s certainly easy to picture him as a funnier take on Garner’s Rockford. Then again, Deadline reports that writing team David Levien and Brian Koppelman have been brought on board to write the adaptation. The duo’s credits include penning Ocean’s Thirteen and Rounders, so perhaps we’re in for something a bit less spoof-ish than S&H, with the film either aiming for darker humor or else, straight-up suspense/drama. Though, it's difficult to picture Vaughn in a role that doesn’t include at least some humor, if only in the form of sarcasm and a few quick comebacks.

Netflix currently has the original Rockford Files series available on Watch Instantly.

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