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The Dark Tower is fast becoming a pleasant reality, as a string of announcements have put the long suffering project back on the road to reality. An even better sign is the possible news that Aaron Paul's lobbying during an earlier iteration of the Stephen King adaptation may have paid off, as sources claim his beloved role of Eddie Dean is in the bag.

Be careful before you get too excited about Aaron Paul's possible role in The Dark Tower, as even Blastr is taking the news with as much salt as they can spare. Still, without 100% confirmation in their hands, the site trusts their sources enough to put out the good word that the New York junkie from our side of the door will be yelling "Yeah, bitch!" when he crosses over into the world of Roland the Gunslinger.

Here's a quick history lesson on how we got to this point. Aaron Paul's involvement in The Dark Tower has been a going concern since 2012, when he started to make the rounds on Twitter stating that he wanted the role of Eddie for his own. This eventually lead to a meeting between Paul and Ron Howard, who was the director on The Dark Tower at the time of their 2014 meetings. Of course, after Warner Bros. passed on the project, thus putting it into stasis once more, Howard was no longer attached as the film's director – putting Paul's involvement into question.

Should the rumors be true, Aaron Paul's Eddie would be joining up with Idris Elba's Roland and Abbey Lee's Tirana in the fight against Matthew McConaughey's Man in Black. Just to have Paul and Elba in the same room is an awesome enough prospect, but to have them fighting an evil McConaughey in The Dark Tower? If you could sell tickets tomorrow, you'd probably find yourself selling out the first weekend. The line-up for Nikolaj Arcel's initial outing in the world of Stephen King's literary legendary series is a promising one. But the fun isn't over just yet, as there are some crucial roles, such as Roland's young teammate Jake, that still need casting.

Again, we must go on record as stating that neither Aaron Paul, nor any representatives from his camp or Sony's camp, have confirmed Paul's involvement in The Dark Tower. That said, there is a chance that such whispers of Eddie's casting could mean that a bigger casting announcement is on the horizon. With production needing to start sometime soon to make the January 17, 2017 release date, it can be assumed that we'll see some sort of statement of confirmation or denial of Aaron Paul's involvement. As soon as we have any further news on The Dark Tower's further movement, you'll be the first to know

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