Hours after the horrible events in Aurora, Colorado unfolded, Warner Bros pulled ads of The Dark Knight Rises that featured gun violence, and likewise pulled a theatrical trailer for Gangster Squad that played before the Batman film in many venues because of a scene that shows thugs with automatic weapons marching through a movie screen, firing into the theater's audience.

Just last week, many of us were eager to see Ruben Fleischer's historical drama about the Los Angeles police force's war against the rise of organized crime brought by East Coast mobster Mickey Cohen. But in the wake of the Aurora tragedy, the film's flashy gun violence is less fantastical and more a harsh reminder of the murders of innocent moviegoers.

Already Warner Bros. has considered delaying the release of Gangster Squad, which was due to open September 7th. And alternate option was cutting the movie theater sequence altogether, but as it has been described as a key scene, this move would call for involved reshoots. Now, Variety confirms via anonymous studio sources that Warner Bros. has opted for the latter, and is moving fast to maintain the film's original release schedule.

Having not seen the film, it's hard to say which option (waiting or re-cutting) would be best for Gangster Squad. Typically sitting on a film hurts its box office as it becomes tainted in the view of the public as something unworthy of a release, and waiting would additionally mean more money lost on marketing. However, the scene in question has been described as critical, and it's hard to imagine how such a hasty revision will affect the finished product. But it seems we'll find out on September 7th, as Warner Bros. is sticking to that release date at this time.

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