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Are we excited about Wall Street 2, or more just resigned to the fact that this movie will exist whether we like it or not? I'm kind of feeling two ways about it, wondering what Gordon Gekko will be like after all these years while also thinking it was probably best to leave him back in the 80s-- you know, like Indiana Jones and the Ghostbusters. People who really know how to leave things on a high note.

Anyway, the movie is coming out in April whether we like it or not, and the publicity tour is kicking off with a glossy Annie Leibowitz photo shoot in Vanity Fair, featuring both Michael Douglas in full Gekko gear on the steps of a Wall Street building an also a "line-'em'-up" shoot with the full cast. Stone repeats that Gekko won't exactly be the guy we remember-- "When Gekko comes out of prison, in the beginning of this movie, he essentially has to redefine himself."

Check out small versions of both photos below, and try not to focus too hard on Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan sitting together-- the less I think about them dating, the better I feel.

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