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A pretty hilarious list of animated films from 1998 to the present, along with their respective directors, has been circulating around the tubes and /film was able to nail it down.

The list is relatively inconsequential as film news unless you're a burgeoning animation wannabee with big dreams. To those of you in that category though, this list means you need to get your ass to Cali.

Seems pretty one sided, don't you think? With the exception of Andrew Adamson, the director of the first three Shrek films (and let's be honest, those are hardly films despite their huge receipts and inexplicably enormous fan base), each and every animation director from the past dozen or so years has come out of Cal-Arts. It's a bit shocking really. Reminiscent of the film school brats, Spielberg, Coppola, Lucas et al., this list exists mostly as a recruiting tool for the school, and to get a few laughs out of film uber-nerds like us.

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