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One common thread among truly great actors is their dedication to their craft, and their determination to commit to a character. Some actors do this with tons of research. Others do it by drastically alternating their physical appearance. Still others do it by staying in character on set, refusing to chat with cast and crew members in between takes. For legend in his own mind Rob Corddry, all three are required for a truly great performance.

You might know Corddry from his goofy performances in The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Hot Tub Time Machine or Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. But in the new zombie-centered romantic comedy from Jonathan Levine, Warm Bodies, Corddry took on his role—that of a zombie called M—with the kind of care and contemplation one typically associates with his hero, the great Daniel Day-Lewis. See Corddry talk about the craft of being a zombie below:

"If you can fool a child into thinking that you're dead and you hate her, then you are doing something right," Corddry explains of his process, detailing how he never came out of character during the film's production.

Sure, he admits, this led to many car accidents on the drive home—zombies aren't known for quick reaction times—but anything less would result in the kind of "bullshit" zombies we've seen in Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead. This method isolated Corddry from some cast mates including Nicholas Hoult, Analeigh Tipton, and Teresa Palmer. Yet others were inspired by his dedication, like Dave Franco who has admired Corddry since he played Gun Salesman #1 in the Sarah Jessica Parker rom-com Failure to Launch. Considering this vid, you might say Corddry is pushing method acting to its limits. He'd agree.

You'll be able to judge Corddry's performance for yourself when Warm Bodies stumbles into theaters on February 1st.

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