After some bumps in its marketing campaign, Ben Stiller's new comedy The Watch is now rolling along with the help of a new title and a trailer that draws focus to its other-worldly premise. Coming off like a cross between Old School and Attack the Block, The Watch brings together Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade in a comedy about four bored suburbanites who form a neighborhood watch as an excuse to get away from their homes and revel in bro-bonding. But their self-appointed promise to protect takes on a dangerous new significance when they discover aliens have invaded!

With the premise well established in the theatrical trailer, Twentieth Century Fox is now reveling in the bizarre comic chemistry these funny men share. In the latest released clip—viewable below courtesy of Yahoo—these four fumbling watchmen are on a stakeout, and so are confined to keep undercover in their car. Even when nature calls.

Personally, I've grown bored with Stiller's standard frantic antics, but this clip seems to indicate he may be taking the straight man role in this ensemble comedy, and I'm curious to see how that'd play. Beyond that, the interplay between these four is frothy and fun, giving a weird innocence to their dynamite despite the gross-out humor. And there's just something about Vaughn's enthusiasm for peeing into a soda can that reminds me so much of his slang-shouting character in Swingers, that I have decided The Watch is its unofficial sequel, where the swing-dancing ladies man has filled out and settled down in suburbia…and now must kick some alien ass.

The Watch opens on July 27th, learn more about it at our Blend Film Database.

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