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Ellen DeGeneres has quite the resume. Comedian, actress, producer, writer, and television host. Add in a few Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards, and she’s seemingly done it all. That is, until DeGeneres recently announced she’s taking her acting chops to a whole new role, steamy seductress. On her show Ellen, the talk show host revealed her major role in the upcoming film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Can’t believe it? Well, she released a trailer to prove you all wrong.

After admitting to her fans that she often gets cut in the movie roles she’s been promised, DeGeneres assures that this time it’s for real. She landed the biggest role in the erotic-book-turned-movie Fifty Shades of Grey:
"I am so happy and proud to say, I got the lead role and I’m definitely going to be the lead in the movie. They’re acting like it’s Dakota Johnson. It’s not. It’s me. Because no one knows their way around a whip more than me."

And she plays the part with the Ellen DeGeneres charm we’ve all come to know and love. From that cute-but-quirky smile (that is definitely not creepy at all) to her wide bug-eyed stares, DeGeneres’ incredible facial expressions awaken the true sexiness of the Anastasia Steele role. One of the most touching moments has to be when she gracefully balances a piece of popcorn on her upper lip as she stares deeply into the eyes of charismatic Jamie Dornan.

The character of Anastasia Steele is a difficult role to play. But, DeGeneres had done her research. In 2012, she did a character study by reading from the novel Fifty Shades of Grey for her Ellen audience, and inserted her own paraphrasing into the mix.

DeGeneres practices her sound effects, whipping, and tries to hold back giggles after saying the word ‘panties’. The intense reading of the novel shows just how perfect she is for the role.

But, in all seriousness, one can only hope for a parody-driven movie based on the Fifty Shades of Grey novel, we’ll have to just stick to hilarious reenactments from favorite comedians.

The real Fifty Shades of Grey movie is scheduled to release in theaters February 13, 2015. And while it’s unlikely we’ll see DeGeneres on the big screen, we can honor her adaptation by sitting in the back of theater and giggling every time we hear the word ‘panties’.

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