It’s a pensive scene in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, which opens in theaters this Friday. After a merry party at the home of Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) – a party he neither expected, nor enjoyed – the company of dwarves prepare for their pending journey with a meditative song: the Misty Mountains Cold. Jackson used it as the theme music for the first trailer that was released last year, but now, we have the extemded clip from the movie to share with you below:

For Hobbit fans this will be a rally cry, a battle hymn that solidified the fellowship forged in Bilbo’s shire to return confiscated land to Thorin (Richard Armitage). Just read the comments below the clip on YouTube to see how pumped this music can get Hobbit fans for the upcoming movie.

And the funny thing is, this might be the only moment of pensive quiet in all of Jackson’s Hobbit, which bounds with a fantastic energy and wraps fans up in Bilbo’s mightiest quest to reach the Lonely Mountain. Of course, this clip doesn’t address the true dilemma of The Hobbit, which asks, “Which format should I watch the film in?” But the song should get your pulse racing if you are chomping at the bit to revisit Middle-earth with Jackson’s crew. Next stop, the Shire. See you there?

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