Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim bounded into theaters this weekend, landing at No. 3 on the box-office Top 10 with a modest $38 million opening. The film hammered audiences with plenty of promised robots-versus-monsters action, and the opening and closing credits – which helped bookmark Del Toro’s amazing sequences, have landed online via Imaginary Forces (and ComicBookMovie). The opening credits have been pasted above. The closing credits are below.

The opening reel, if you’ll recall, happens after a lengthy Jaeger battle, which leads to a surprising emotional twist for the movie’s hero, Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam). No spoilers here. Go see the movie for yourself! But by the time the above credit sequence comes on the screen, you already feel like you are deep into the movie, and it catches you a bit off guard that the movie, from this moment on, has chosen to begin. I also like the fact that the metallic surface gives way to become the actual Rim that’s connecting our world to that of the Kaiju … such an important plot point that will drive the movie forward.

The credit listing on the closing reel starts with Del Toro’s directorial credit and works back through the crew as we surf through digital recreations of Jaeger suits, preparing for battle with vicious Kaiju. What I love about the credit sequences being online is that we now have the ability to crank snippets of Ramin Djawadi’s heroic score on a loop. Put that energetic anthem on in the background, and you’ll be three times as productive as normal today, I guarantee it.

I’m not sure why sharing credits from summer blockbusters has become a thing lately. I mean, the credit sequences for Rim are cool, but I didn’t leave the theater dying to see them again. I did, however, love the Iron Man 3 credits, and was very happy when Marvel put them online so that we could go over every frame and trace the history of the character on screen. Like the Rim credits, they make great use of some heroic tunes.

From here, we continue to hope that Pacific Rim builds on its positive word of mouth to generate significant box office, because Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham teased on Twitter:

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