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Wall Street 2 is a big deal for Shia LaBeouf, or at least it should be. Sure he’s the star of Transformer and a big time box office star, but for the first time he’ll actually be playing an adult. Shia’s actually twenty-three but except for Eagle Eye he’s been stuck playing teenagers and half-pints. In Oliver Stone’s upcoming sequel Wall Street 2 he plays a Wall Street trader who partners up with Michael Douglas’s disgraced Gordon Gekko to solve a murder and save the financial community. He also gets to wear a suit and a big boy tie. Seriously, it’s not even a clip on.

Just Jared has the photographic evidence in the form of first ever photos from the Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps set. They snagged our first look at Shia in full on Wall Street trader mode. He’s suited up, walking confidently, and carrying what appears to be a Diet Coke. Take a look:

shia labeouf in wall street 2 shia labeouf in wall street 2