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Watch Snowpiercer Heat Up With A New Red Band Trailer

We're closer to seeing Snowpiercer than we've ever been, and it's a damned exciting time for a film that was never guaranteed to have a release in the American theatrical market. And even if it was, there was a good chance that it was going to be dumbed down by Harvey Weinstein's editorial preferences. Yet here we stand, with only a month and change to go and a new red-band trailer from Radius/TWC to remind us why the good fight to get this movie released was fought.

Yahoo Movies posted the first American trailer, and it's a Red Band goodie punctuated with gun play, blood, and violent class warfare.

In addition to all of the finely cut action beats, we're also treated to a beautiful look at the world of Snowpiercer. In fact, this is the best look we've ever gotten of just how opulent the other half is and how big of a gap there is between the front of the train and the back. The front has hairdressers, armed pre-schools, and aquarium cars. The back has... well, they have a roof over their head and somewhere to sleep. That's what passes as an amenity for the lower class, and that's as good a reason as any to launch an armed rebellion against those in charge.

I have to say, this movie is giving me more and more of a Terry Gilliam vibe with each new piece of information. Mix that sort of heavy hitting satirical dystopia with a lot of well-choreographed action, and you can begin to see why people are excited about this movie. Which only further beats down the studio's rumored claim of feeling that this movie wouldn't hit with a wide enough swath of an audience, as this trailer seems to show a movie ready for action. The fact that we're even looking forward to a theatrical release for Snowpiercer is a miracle in and of itself, as there were those that were ready to either shelve the project indefinitely, or offer a compromised product in the name of commerce.

There's still a chance that the movie will have such a limited release that only those in major cities will be able to see it, but that's still a victory in my book. After all, Trick 'R Treat suffered similar indignities, and that's getting a sequel. Depending on how the film adapted the French comic series, we might be able to squeeze another one of these out if it deserves it. For now, Snowpiercer will open The Los Angeles Film Festival on June 11th, with its general release set for June 27th. Now be warned, this puts it right up against Transformers: Age Of Extinction, so vote with your wallets, folks.

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