Watch A Supercut Of Underwater Movie Moments

What do Squints from the '90s kid flick The Sandlot, Magneto circa X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter's Hermione Granger, Cameron Frye from the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Twilight's Bella Swan have in common? They have all been rescued from drowning deaths from fast acting friends. This and many other water-related movie parallels are drawn in the new video for Flock of Dimes new single "(This is Why) I Can't Wear White."

To fit the song's trance-like rhythms, editor Ben O'Brien cut together snippets of 78 different features, from such obvious picks as Deep Blue Sea, Waterworld and Titanic to less expected pics like The Descendants, Hook, and Rushmore. Tying together various film characters by intercutting them screaming, sinking, fighting, kissing, and avoiding explosions underwater, the vid below—tipped by Vulture—is captivating, beautiful, and proves water is pretty much the worst. (Note this vid is slightly NSFW because of some brief nudity.)

While it's easy to joke that anyone spending this much time underwater would be best advised to not wear white, this music video is unquestionably enchanting. O'Brien's cuts make for a gorgeous montage, and Flock of Dimes' trippy track seems perfectly set amid so much water drama. Plus, film fans might enjoy chuckling at the repeated clichés displayed within, or making a game out of how many of the clips below they can pick out. In fact, shout out the ones you can spot in comments.

For more on the band Flock of Dimes, check their website.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.