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Watch Wes Anderson's Latest New Short Film 'Castello Cavalcanti'

After delighting audiences with a bittersweet story of first love in Moonrise Kingdom, writer-director Wes Anderson has cruelly made us wait until 2014 to see his follow-up The Grand Budapest Hotel. But for those of you who need more quirk and warm-toned storytelling in your life, he's graced us with a short film called "Castello Cavalcanti" made for Prada, and tipped by The Playlist. While his 2007 short "Hotel Chevalier " served as a sort of introduction to its soon to follow feature The Darjeeling Limited, "Castello Cavalcanti" looks to be unrelated to The Grand Budapest Hotel. In the prior Jason Schwartzman stars as a racecar driver Jed Cavalcanti, while in the other he plays a mysterious character called M. Jean.

"Castello Cavalcanti" clocks in under eight minutes and is set in 1955 Italy within the quaint titular town that is a point on Molte Miglia (translation "Many Miles") rally. The quiet evening is interrupted by a cluster of cars motoring through their town square in a blur of revved engines and raised dust, but the townspeople happily wave pennants in salute. Then, way behind the pack comes the red and out of control car of cursing American racer Jed Cavalcanti.

After crashing into a local landmark, he coarsely entreats the villagers for help. Then with his hopes dashed at winning the race, he laments his poor luck and quits, demanding a "shot of the local hooch." Soon, he discovers this is no town of friendly strangers, but long lost family.

True to Anderson's style, the colors are vivid, the dialogue is sharp, and the performances are brightly dynamic. What this has to do with Prada I have no idea, but it's certainly a welcome appetizer while we await the mischievous murder mystery of The Grand Budapest Hotel, which will open in the US on March 7th, 2014.

"Castello Cavalcanti" actually marks Anderson's second collaboration with Prada, as he and Roman Coppola previously created the lovely looking French-language advertisements for the fragrance Candy L'Eau. Starring Blue is the Warmest Color's Lea Seydoux, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland's Peter Gadiot, and A Very Long Engagement's Rodolphe Pauly, the campaign told the story of a very stylish love triangle. Check it out below:

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