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Here on Cinema Blend, we've spent a good chunk of the past month celebrating the best in cinema that 2014 had to offer, but now we're going to switch gears and talk about the opposite side of the quality scale. But rather than slamming these titles ourselves, the following video allows those less-than-great features to slam themselves.

This funny new cut comes to us thanks to the folks over at Yahoo!, and simply lets some of the worst titles of the year internally slam themselves with some out-of-context dialogue. What's rather interesting, though, is that some of the quotes selected are actually quite astute commentaries about their source. For example, it was kind of embarrassing to see talented performers Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz be a part of something as middling as Sex Tape. And given that Dracula Untold was supposedly going to be the first film launching Universal Pictures' Monster Universe, there were surely many that walked out of that movie noting that they were disappointed and expected something better. As for Gary Oldman's, "This has to stop!" from Robocop, while I will actually defend the movie, I will definitely agree with the number of unnecessary reboots in Hollywood needs to be quelled.

This video definitely hits on some of the biggest disappointments we've seen in this past year, including the Johnny Depp-starring cyber thriller Transcendence and the critically-loathed Winter's Tale, but it's also missing a few of 2014's biggest swings and misses. In fact, compared to Rotten Tomatoes' rankings, there is a handful of titles that should have been included. Remember how under-whelming the Kevin Hart-Ice Cube cop comedy Ride Along was? Have we forgotten that this was the year that brought us the unneeded remake of Endless Love? And why doesn't the most critically-slashed movie of the year not get a place?

Left Behind

I imagine it's possible that these titles simply didn't have any appropriate dialogue that could be twisted in a funny way, but I'm not counting out the chance that the editor simply couldn't force themselves to watch every one of them.

With the subject at hand, let's present the question: what was the worst movie you saw released in theaters in 2014? I think I would personally cast my vote for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot from this past summer, but you can put your picks in the comments section below.