Pain & Gain Blu-ray
Pain & Gain is based on the true story of a group of bodybuilders working for at a fitness center in Miami known as the Sun Gym. During the late nineties, a number of the employees moonlighted as kidnappers, extortionists and murderers, hoping to make a buck or five. In the film, these incapable and morally clouded individuals are played by none other than Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s Anthony Mackie.

There are enough tasteless moments of ineptitude between the three men as they hatch their schemes to kill and kidnap that Pain& Gain is occasionally cringe-worthy. Regardless, if you are a fan of hard R-rated films and movies in which comedy is interspersed with acts of random violence played for affect, than Pain & Gain might be a film worth watching.

Wahlberg’s Daniel Lugo is really the leader of this here gang, but it’s Johnson’s born-again Christian character, Paul Doyle, that really gets to continually remind the audience of how ridiculous and amusing the schemes are. Anthony Mackie’s Noel Doorbal gets a funny subplot, as well, dating a woman named Robin (Rebel Wilson) and signing on for erectile dysfunction treatments. Wahlberg, Johnson, and Mackie aren’t really comedians, but they are funny in an off-the-cuff manner and they are constantly putting themselves in situations that are also comedic.

This is a Michael Bay movie, and it wouldn’t be a legit Michael Bay movie without plenty of eye candy. Israeli model Bar Paly plays the stereotypical money-grubbing female in Bay’s latest endeavor. She’s wildly attractive. This has landed her a spot on the DVD box, but she’s more of a distraction than a legitimate addition to the film. Despite distractions like these, Pain & Gain is a wild R-rated romp through crime sprees in Miami. Don’t go into the film expecting a Dexter intellect, though.

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Best Special Feature: Both Blu-ray and DVD copies of Pain & Gain are noticeably absent of special features. While I would have liked to have seen a segment comparing the real-life criminals to their theatrical counterparts, at least I didn’t have to sit through one of those “Making of” featurettes that just features the actors and other crew members over-complimenting one another.

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