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Adam Sandler has incurred the ire of critics over the last several years, producing raunchy comedies that have often been a giant excuse to go on vacation. However, with Blended, Sandler manages to take the kid-oriented gags and vacation plot to a more charming level, thanks to great onscreen chemistry with Drew Barrymore. Of course, they've had plenty of practice. She's his partner in crime from 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer, the latter of which was also directed by Frank Coraci.

The central premise of the film is flimsy but passable for a romantic comedy. Jim (Sandler) and Lauren (Barrymore) meet for a blind date that doesn’t go particularly well. As it turns out, Lauren’s friend is dating Jim’s boss and when that couple has a falling out, Lauren and Jim become the beneficiaries of an awesome African vacation package. Naturally, they both take their kids, resulting in a blending of the two families as Jim and Lauren begin to fall in love.

The premise is sentimental and a little silly (see everything Terry Crews does in the movie), but the humor is broader and more grounded than we’ve seen from Sandler in a while, possibly because he left the writing to Ivan Menchell and Clare Sera this time around. For whatever reason, Barrymore and Sandler have always seemed like a great fit onscreen, and even when those jokes are cornball amusing, they still make the film an enjoyable and easy watch.

Blended is not groundbreaking, and it won’t change anybody’s opinions on romantic comedies. It wasn’t even particularly successful critically, but if you think that Blended is one of the worst offerings in the past year, you really should be watching more movies.

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Best Special Feature: While some home entertainment companies have cut back on extra copies, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s Blended still comes with a DVD and Ultraviolet copy. Additionally, there are plenty of extras on the disc and if you are fans of looking at the African landscape and Sandler and co. goofing off, you might enjoy them. Unfortunately, each segment is only a couple of minutes long and doesn’t offer much in the way of humor. I’d say the deleted scenes are the best simply because they show how many time Drew Barrymore had to screech doing the "cherry pan-ties" scene.

Other Extras:
"Dick’s Customer Service"
"Herlihoops: Basketball Actor"
"Adam and Drew: Back Together Again"
"Bella Thorne’s Makeover"
Gag Reel

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