This week in home entertainment features some gamers and game characters, a dynasty of sorts, a few under-the-radar indie films, and just in case you were having too much fun, the anniversary limited edition of one of the toughest WWII stories ever captured on film. Read on to learn about some of this week’s best releases, and maybe even a few that slipped under your radar.

Wreck It Ralph
Just a couple of weeks after its streaming digital release, Wreck it Ralph is getting a hard copy alternative, with a 3D Blu-ray combo pack that includes an impressive 3D cover. Wreck-It Ralph may be more enchanting to the average fanboy than the average child, but it’s still a great little animated film, filled with adventure and plenty of jokes from a PG-Rated Sarah Silverman. Directed by The Simpsons and Futurama’s Rich Moore, the film capably works on multiple levels, offering audiences of different ages equivalent enjoyment.

Wreck-It Ralph creates a magical underground video game world, where good guys and bad guys from every game can come together in “Game Central Station” to hang out and even discuss their problems. Ralph (John C. Reilly), a bad guy in a popular-but-aged video game, is having a bit of a mental breakdown. Hoping to catch a medal and be the good guy for once, he ends up embarking on an adventure and learning a few things about friendship and what it really means to be the good guy.

Best Special Feature: This feels like cheating, but the best Wreck-it Ralph bonus feature is the Oscar-winning “Paperman” short. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to view the wordless love story short, you should buy Wreck-It Ralph, or find it via a streaming outlet, immediately.

Since that felt like cheating, the best actual bonus feature is “Disney Intermission: The Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-It Ralph.” Unfortunately, this feature only comes with the Blu-ray copies of the film. All you have to do is pause the movie and hang out and avid gamer, nerd and comedian Chris Hardwick will pop up on the screen to bring up some of the less obvious gaming moments we might have missed. Some of them are obvious, but things like hidden meanings in numbers and graffiti are pretty interesting.

Other Special Features:
“Bit By Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph
Alternate & Deleted Scenes
Video game Commercials

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