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There's not yet been an official domestic trailer released for What's Your Number?, the Anna Faris and Chris Evans romantic comedy coming later this year, but one way or another an international one has popped up online, and you can also watch it below. If it's not also going be the domestic trailer that gets released eventually, it really ought to be-- crammed full of star cameos, genuinely funny lines and the limitless charms of Anna Faris, it makes What's Your Number? look like that perfect star vehicle for Faris that we've been asking for for years.

Check out the trailer below and we'll talk after.

Let's ignore the fact that the plot seems as plainly visible as Faris's giant blue eyes--New York City is likelier to burn to the ground than this movie is to end without Faris winding up with the hunky, roguish neighbor played by Chris Evans. But it really looks like it will be fun to watch her hunt down her exes, whether they're puppeteers played by Andy Samberg or a guy named Donald, played by Faris's real-life husband Chris Pratt, who's marrying an implausibly hot rocket scientist. And though it's hard to predict the feminist credentials of a movie when you've only seen the trailer, I like seeing Faris's character balk at the idea that sleeping with 20 guys is in any way wrong; she's frustrated at the idea of sleeping with another wrong guy, but doesn't seem to be ashamed at all of her past.

What's Your Number hits theaters September 30, just a little over a year after the theatrical release of another better-than-it-could-have-been rom-com Easy A. Is it too much to ask that history might repeat itself, and Faris can be the next Emma Stone-- that is, an adorable, funny actress who gets to play good characters? I'm continue hoping hard for this one.
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