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When you have an all-star cast like The Angry Birds Movie does, there's always room for one more. In this case, that extra slot is filled by Country recording artist and The Voice mentor Blake Shelton – who has been recently cast as one of the many pigs that have caused the birds to be quite angry.

The Hollywood Reporter scooped the news that Shelton will be playing Earl, a pig with a very Southern drawl and a vendetta against all of bird kind. He joins the already star filled cast that includes the likes of Jason Sudekis, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, and Bill Hader, and that's not even the full roster of the comedic talent on-board the project. Scoring his third film credit, after Pitch Perfect 2 and The Ridiculous 6 helped usher him into the film acting game this past year, this is Shelton's first voice-over role.

It's not hard to see how Shelton landed the gig, as he looked like one of the actually funny parts of The Ridiculous 6, which landed with a bit of a thud this past month. So if he could stand out in a film as ridiculous as its name implies, then clearly he's great with ensembles. And seeing as The Angry Birds Movie is built heavily on its ensemble cast, adding a music superstar who's on a hot streak is only a smart move. Not to mention, the target demographic that follows Blake Shelton's music career will be happy to know that with his participation comes a brand new, original song for the film's soundtrack.

Most animated comedies, much like Sony's recent hit Hotel Transylvania 2, tend to attract diverse casts of popular talent in the industry today. The only downside to such casting is the fact that we can't be sure how much of a role that Shelton will have in the cast of The Angry Birds Movie. Much like the casting of Mel Brooks in Hotel Transylvania 2, what sounds like a lead to mid-sized role could be what amounts to an extended cameo in the scheme of things. We won't know for sure until we at least have another trailer for the film, but in the meantime we'll try not to get our hopes up.

Here's hoping that we'll hear some more information on how big Blake Shelton's role in The Angry Birds Movie, as the film is set for release on May 20, 2016. Seeing as we're due for a new trailer any day now, it shouldn't be too long before we land another look.