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Ever since Christopher Nolan came aboard to guide the future of the Superman franchise, talk about the project has been growing. Nolan has said that he and writer David Goyer have come up with an idea that puts the classic DC character in a modern context (read: post-9/11), and rumors have swirled that either Goyer or Nolan's brother Jonathan would direct. Now, a new name has been thrown into the mix and it likely won't make a lot of people happy.

Superman Homepage is reporting a rumor that Chris Columbus have been offered the director's chair for the next installment. According to "a source inside the studio," Columbus is viewed as "the right fit" by Warner Bros., and that nobody from either DC or WB things that Goyer is "good in that arena." Columbus' previous films include Adventures In Babysitting, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the first two Harry Potter films.

If they're going to go for a director from the Harry Potter movies, why on Earth would they choose Columbus? Both Sorcerer's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets are viewed as the worst of the six films thus far. Yes, he is a director who has worked on multiple franchises (the other being Home Alone), but it's hard to imagine that the normal tones used by Nolan and Columbus would do anything but clash. This is, of course, an unverified rumor. Let's hope that it's a false one.

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