By now you've hopefully watched the brand new trailer for Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street, which arrived this morning and somehow managed to increase the hype around Kanye West's album even more. If you didn't catch it, though, here's one more chance:

Surely you've noticed that there's an insanely high number of big, hilarious moments that are just dying to be animated, from Leonardo DiCaprio's many wild facial expressions to Matthew McConaughey being himself to Jonah Hill attempting (gulp) to eat a goldfish. Because this is the Internet, we are of course going to oblige. It's GIF recap time, everybody!

DiCaprio enters a room like a titan of industry, and why not? He's made $49 million and he's only 26.

Just look at that face. This is a guy who knows what he's worth.

Then again, he could really stand to value a complete breakfast-- and what's undoubtedly expensive glassware-- a little more.

Oh hey, it's Matthew McConaughey! And just because Leonardo DiCaprio is the star of the show, don't think for a minute that McConaughey's not going to make the most of every single moment he's on screen.

DiCaprio has spent a lot of time growing up on screen in the last 15 years, and yet, it's incredible to see him chewing on his fist like a teenager in heat. He was too serious for that even way back in Romeo + Juliet.

Make it rain! This is basically a metaphorical re-enactment of the end of Titanic.

I would like to think that tossing a dwarf wearing a crash helmet into a dartboard is no longer a common practice on Wall Street, but seriously, who ever trusts those sharks to do the right thing?

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